The user of this ticket agrees:

To assume all risk of personal injury or loss or damage to property as a result of all the inherent risks of entering a historic home whether or not said risks are known to user.  The user of this ticket agrees and understands that historic homes may not be built in accordance with modern standards and thus may have many hazards including, but not limited to, steep stairs, narrow passageways, uneven flooring, low ceilings, asbestos, and lead paint. In using this ticket and entering the ticketed premises, such dangers are recognized and accepted whether they are marked or unmarked.  The user hereby acknowledges these risks and assumes all the risks of injuries, loss, or damage to property.  User further acknowledges that the ticketed premises is a private residence that is exempt from the Americans with Disabilities Act, and that the ticketed premises may not be accessible to individuals with limited mobility.


NO stiletto heels are allowed
NO unaccompanied minors
NO food or drink allowed
Please allow 2 hours for your self-guided tour

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